WWE BATTLEGROUND PREDICTIONS: Five Way Number One Contenders Elimination Match (July, 23rd 2017)

Tonight (as its Sunday now here in England) brings the arrival of another WWE Pay Per View, this time Smackdown based as the stars of the blue brand compete in the Battleground. The Suitably named once dual roster event plays host this year to a five way elimination match to crown the newest contender to Naomi’s Smackdown Women’s Championship, and the five women competing for the very honor of competing for that grand title at Summerslam, the second biggest WWE event of the year, are Natalya, Tamina, Lana, Becky Lynch and Charlotte. So without further adieu, let me weigh in on exactly who could be walking out tonight with contendership status affirmed…

Theres no doubt the winning status could go to Charlotte considering shes put two women over featured in this match over past weeks, also notably on the pre PPV episode of Smackdown, meaning shes in need of momentum…

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Your Monday Post #170: Mickie James vs Beth Phoenix on WWE RAW (January, 21st 2008)

Welcome all to a new week of wrestling, beginning with another women’s wrestling throwback. Since her return to WWE, Mickie has contributed in putting over women’s superstars on both RAW and Smackdown while her past run saw her take gold numerous times. However in her past run there were names she also put over and competed well against, one name notably being Beth Phoenix.

The Glamazon proved to be one of the strongest forces in the WWE Women’s Division from 2007 onwards, also one of Mickie’s biggest challenges. Before eventually dethroning the divisions driving force, Mickie found Beth a struggle, as Beth’s run of dominance over the division continued into the early days of the new year, coming out of a victory over the familiar opponent at Armageddon at the end of 2007 that Mickie looked to avenge on this particular episode of RAW on January 21st 2008. It wasn’t…

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IMPACT WRESTLING SLAMMIVERSARY RESULTS: Triple Showdowns. Triple Mayhem. But Just One Champion (July, 2nd 2017)

Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to this years IMPACT Slammiversary report and a long one this could possibly be. Last years gave us only one match regarding the Knockouts, with this year giving us a massive upgrade with not one…not Two…But THREE Knockouts Matches. Laurel, KM and Kongo Kong would unite again to take on their rivals Allie, Braxton Sutter and Mahabali Shera. Alongside that Angelina Love and Davey Richards would finally settle their very heated feud with Alisha and Eddie Edwards in the first ever mixed tag Full Metal Mayhem Match. Lastly, the Knockouts Title would find itself being unified with the Global Force Women’s Championship as Rosemary and Sienna battled with only one of these women respectfully unifying these two known championships.

The very quietly announced and barely promoted match that saw KM, Kongo and Laurel take on Braxton, Shera and Allie would be a part of the Slammiversary…

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We will never eradicate poverty without quality education for all

World Education Blog

As the world marks International Day for Eradication of Poverty, it is crucial to spread the message that equal access to quality education plays a key role in eradicating poverty. 

Since 1990, although rates have been cut in half, 21% of the world’s population still lives in extreme poverty. It is vital to step up efforts to give these people a better chance of a decent and fulfilling life. Education has a central role to play in such efforts.

Click to enlarge. Click to enlarge.

The EFA Global Monitoring Report’s Education Transforms booklet shows that education not only helps individuals escape poverty by developing the skills they need to improve their livelihoods, but also generates productivity gains that fuel economic growth. While growth does not automatically reduce poverty, without it sustained poverty reduction is not possible.

Our recent analysis, released at the United Nation General Assembly last month, shows that for growth to…

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Shawn Lucas – Activist Who Served DNC with Fraud Case Dead. (Updated)

Digital Empire

shawn lucas

The body count is rising. Shaun Lucas found dead.  The latest update on this is that he died in his sleep. Refer to the tweets above.

According to a Reddit thread, Shaun Lucas was an activist who served the DNC with an election fraud lawsuit.

https://www.reddit .com/r/DNCleaks/comments/4w3ewh/august_2nd_2016_shawn_lucas_dead_lead_attorney/?ref=readnext

The lawsuit seems to be from Miami.

http://blogs.wsj .com/law/2016/07/25/dnc-seeks-dismissal-of-lawsuit-alleging-donor-deception/

WSJ links to a PDF file.  Court papers.  On page 3, a Mr. Shawn Lucas is mentioned.


Niko D House is the President of Carolina Students for Bernie Sanders.

Shawn Lucas and Brandon Yoshimura are from One Source Process, Inc.  A legal services firm.

Update: Sean has informed me that Shawn Lucas was not an attorney.

Update #2:  According to the comments section on Reddit – /r/DNCleaks , Shawn was found unconscious on the floor in the bathroom.

https://www.reddit. com/r/DNCleaks/comments/4w5apw/shawn_lucas_lead_attorney_against_the_dnc_fraud/

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White House rally following two police officer involved deaths draws large crowd — DCW50

Washington DC — Outrage over the death of two men while in confrontations with police officers in Louisiana and Minnesota brought around 200 people to the front entrance of the White House to voice frustration and call for change. “Policing in our communities is getting out of hand a lot of senseless acts of murder…

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Mint lemonade #MadeEasy for Iftaar


First week of Ramazan is going on and it’s extremely hot and humid in Karachi these days. Iftaar calls for a healthy and refreshing drink to make up for long fasting hours. I have tried this mint lemonade recipe twice in past week for Iftaar and it turned out to be amazingly refreshing. Do give it a try.


Made Easy Mint Lemonade

Thanks to National Foods Pakistan for inspiring with made easy website and mobile app that has some useful ideas for Ramazan cooking. Watch this video to know how you can make Mint lemonade with National fruitily lemon sachet.

I’ve added a spoonful of honey to this recipe and blended mint and ice minutes before Iftaar.

For more Ramazan MadeEasy recipes checkout www.madeeasy.com.pk or download MadeEasy app and plan your weekly meals with some handy tips and chef hacks.

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