‘The Paper’ is the Most Essential and Overlooked Film About Journalism


There’s a lot to like about The Post, a film that has drawn rave reviews even before its pre-holidays debut. The combination of Meryl Streep as Washington Post publisher Katharine Graham, and Tom Hanks as the paper’s editor-in-chief Ben Bradlee is the rare pairing of GOAT actors operating at their all-time peak.

The film covers the publication of the Pentagon Papers in the New York Times, the Washington Post’s attempt to obtain its own copy, and the ensuing battle against the Nixon administration which led to the Supreme Court case about the Daniel Ellsberg-leaked documents. As Manohla Dargis of the New York Times described in her review of the film, “The pleasure of The Post is how it sweeps you up in how it all went down…Like many movies that turn the past into entertainment, The Post gently traces the arc of history, while also bending it for…

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LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: Atomicos Action and a Debut to Come! (September, 13th 2017)

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Welcome all to this weeks Lucha Underground report, and we’ve got quite a few developments with the women of the temple to talk through. First we see the Worldwide Undergrounds Johnny Mundo, Taya and PJ Black joining the odd ally of Marty the Moth to take on the formed unit of Prince Puma, Fenix, Cage and Sexy Star, as well as more intense interactions with Catrina and the pre mentioned Cage and a future in ring debut. Ok that was a lot to type out in one paragraph-ish, so lets talk these through in consecutive order.

So first we see the Worldwide Underground, including Taya in a backstage gathering. Ricky Mandel has obtained himself an ID with the new official name of Ricky Mundo, though Johnny would be all against the use of the name. Regardless Ricky is a part of the Worldwide Underground, but tonight the Worldwide Underground have…

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GFW IMPACT WRESTLING RESULTS: The Queen of the North Sets Course for a Possible Knockouts Title Victory (September, 14th 2017)

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Welcome all to the IMPACT Wrestling report. This week may have had minimal Knockouts action, but there’s plenty developments to go about. A Week ago Taya of Lucha Underground made her pre hyped appearance on IMPACT following an intense Knockout tag team match, not aiding the attacked babyface Rosemary as so thought but making her her specific target. A Week later Amber Nova is the second target in mind for the Queen of the North as she makes her IMPACT in ring debut. That, plus we get developments with Allie and Braxton Sutter, and though completely unrelated to the show, if anyone’s checked IMPACTs social media, where oh where could IMPACT be hosting their next Bound for Glory event? UK Please!!!!

Braxton Sutter has been booked this week to battle Garza Jr, this being a few weeks after the two had a brief backstage interaction which angered Braxton suddenly. Braxton…

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Bayley vs Alexa Bliss for the RAW Women’s Championship Set for WWE Summerslam (July, 24th 2017)

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This Past Sunday, the Smackdown Brand made sure to set early their signature match for their women’s division, and RAW followed up one day later, when the culmination of an intense match between former RAW Women’s Champions Sasha Banks and Bayley, two women with a storied history and long friendship, saw Bayley overcome Banks to earn another shot at the championship she had lost to Alexa back at the WWE Payback Pay Per View earlier this year, taking on the “Goddess of WWE” at WWEs second biggest event of the year, WWE Summerslam.

Bayley already holds two victories over Alexa Bliss in the past three weeks, surprisingly stepping back into the title picture despite Banks need for redemption after Bliss walked out on the twos encounter back at WWEs Annual Great Balls of Fire Pay Per View. In Order to decide who was the true competitor to face Bliss, Kurt…

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WWE SUMMERSLAM RESULTS: A Night of Widespread Changes (August, 20th 2017)

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Welcome all to the WWE Summerslam 2017 report, and what a mixed bag it was results wise. We got a lot of title changes, some completely out of the blue, and some results overall to debate. Like last year as well we are presented with not one but two women’s matches representing respective divisions as Naomi defended her Smackdown Women’s Championship against long time veteran Natalya, and Alexa Bliss defended the RAW Women’s Championship against 3x RAW Women’s Champion Sasha Banks.

The first of the respective matches happens to be Naomi’s championship defense, taking place as the second overall match on the main card to follow up the opener featuring John Cena. Natalya, the challenger, is appropriately out first, paying tribute to her Uncle with her new ring jacket. Naomi, the defending champion, is out second with her own new ring jacket, adorned to suit the Glow Gimmick as well…

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Your Monday Post #175: Carmella vs Nikki Bella at WWE No Mercy 2016 (October, 9th 2016)

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Welcome all to a rather late week opening wrestling throwback. With the 2nd biggest WWE event of the year closed, RAW has snatched up No Mercy for its next Pay Per View. However last year, the returning Pay Per View belonged to the Smackdown Brand, the first Smackdown Branded Pay Per View since last years Backlash, where the first ever Smackdown Women’s Champion was crowned in the form of Becky Lynch. While Lynch was ruled out of the Pay Per View for reasons unknown, a feud that had very much heated up in the Smackdown Women’s Division reached new heights at No Mercy, as Carmella got her first Pay Per View Shot against Nikki Bella.

The feud had started following Nikki Bella’s successful in ring return at Summerslam, having pinned Carmella in a six woman tag to obtain the win for her team. Carmella had attacked Nikki Bella in her…

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